lapis lazuli

Crystal Affirmations

100 Lapis Lazuli Affirmations For Self-Expression, Inner Truth And Intuition

May 10, 2021
lapis lazuli affirmations

Crystals and affirmations help you shift your focus away from perceived failures and direct your focus towards your strengths instead. By using both together, you can boost your self-confidence and beliefs in your own abilities in just a few days. It’s a great way to improve your mood and your outlook in life quickly. Affirmations for Lapis Lazuli usually work well for promoting self-expression, inner truth, and intuition.…

Crystal Healing

Lapis Lazuli Meaning & Healing Properties

February 3, 2021
lapis lazuli healing properties

Discovered thousands of years ago, Lapis lazuli is a powerful blue crystal that has been used for its wonderful properties since ancient times. It is a protective crystal that can be used to enhance spirituality and develop psychic abilities. It is also well-known for being deeply connected to the Throat chakra, promoting self-expression and communication. Read on to discover more about the meaning and healing properties of Lapis…

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