crystal affirmations

Crystal Affirmations

100 Green Aventurine Affirmations For Luck, Abundance And Success

June 27, 2021
green aventurine affirmations

Crystals and affirmations are very powerful tools for manifestation. They have helped thousands of people make significant changes in their lives. You can use affirmations with any crystal, but for this post, we will focus on Green Aventurine. Also known as the lucky stone, Green Aventurine is actually one of the best gemstones to combine with affirmations. Repeating affirmations while holding your Green Aventurine crystal will help you…

Crystal Affirmations

100 Clear Quartz Affirmations For Healing

May 17, 2021
clear quartz affirmations

Crystals and affirmations can boost your self-confidence and beliefs in your own abilities in just a few days. By using both together, you’ll learn to focus on your strengths instead of your shortcomings. It’s a great way to improve your mood and your outlook in life quickly. Clear Quartz is a multipurpose crystal. This means you can use Clear Quartz affirmations for any and all conditions. Read on…

Crystal Affirmations

50 Crystals And Their Affirmations

August 15, 2020
crystals and their affirmations

Are you ready to embrace a positive mindset? Crystal affirmations are perfect to bring more positivity into your life. Quick and easy to do, crystal affirmations can be done at any time of day most convenient for you. So, if you need a quick pick me up, read on to discover 50 crystals and their affirmations.  7 Tips for crystal affirmations Crystal affirmation is a simple ritual that…

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