Crystal Advice

6 Simple Crystal Grid Layouts For Abundance

September 30, 2021
crystal grid for abundance

Crystal grids are powerful energy tools. For those of you who are new to crystals, a crystal grid is an arrangement of gemstones in a symmetrical pattern. It is made to enhance the crystals’ energy, making it easier for you to manifest your dreams and goals. Crystal grids are often used to manifest a variety of things including love, money, and abundance. Read on to discover six simple…

Crystal Healing

8 Best Crystals For Abundance And Prosperity

July 15, 2020
crystals for abundance

There are many ways abundance and money can come into your life. In fact, using crystals to attract financial success is one of the best ways to stay focused on your intention. With the right crystals, you can achieve success in your career or simply live a life full of abundance. Whether you feel held back due to self-limiting beliefs or lack of focus, these 8 best crystals for…

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