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10 Best Crystals For Anxiety And Stress Relief

October 15, 2020
crystal for anxiety and stress

Although stress is part of life, when it becomes excessive it can lead to anxiety and worry. Using stones for anxiety is a natural method to help you cope with these feelings. Crystals are known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress, and can also help you achieve emotional balance. Read on to discover 10 of the best crystals for anxiety and stress relief. 

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Which crystal is best for anxiety?

Amethyst – It is one of the most widely known crystals. It can help improve physical, mental, and emotional issues. It connects with the third eye chakra and stimulates spiritual awareness.

What is the most calming crystal?

Blue Lace Agate – It is a calming, gentle blue stone that can help in stressful situations. It helps its wearer calm down so that they can communicate effectively without tension or frustrations.

10 best crystals for anxiety and stress relief

Below, you’ll find more details on the best crystals for anxiety and stress relief. All the crystals mentioned can help calm your mind, stay grounded, or even release fear:

1. Amethyst

Color: Purple

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Amethyst is one of the best stones to release anxiety and stress. This beautiful purple crystal is a natural tranquilizer, a powerful and protective stone. Not only does it guard against psychic attack, but it also brings clarity and relaxes the mind. If you’re wondering why you are stressed or need protection from all types of harm, you should definitely carry Amethyst with you. 

This amazing crystal can definitely help reduce anxiety and negative energy. Its vibrant purple color aligns perfectly with the Crown chakra, which brings spiritual awareness and inner peace. 


2. Black Tourmaline

Color: Black

Chakra: Root

Black Tourmaline is a great stone to use when dealing with negativity. This crystal helps get rid of negative energy but it also attracts positive energy. 

It’s also considered one of the best stones to protect against EMFs. Additionally, the large number of colors in its spectrum helps balance the chakras. It also has the ability to turn dense energy into light. 

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone that is also often used to calm the mind when too much negativity is in the air. 


3. Blue Lace Agate

Color: Blue

Chakra: Throat

Blue Lace Agate is a very cooling and calming stone. It gives the owner a sense of peace and tranquility. Also a powerful stone of expression and communication, Blue Lace Agate assists with verbal thoughts and feelings.

This crystal is a great nurturing and supportive stone often used to neutralize anger. Additionally, Blue Lace Agate is incredibly efficient in overcoming misunderstandings and stressful situations. 


4. Rose Quartz

Color: Pink

Chakra: Heart

Widely known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz is a powerful tool for emotional balancing. This crystal is especially good for promoting self-love and compassion. With Rose Quartz, you’ll find emotional harmony.

When we’re stressed, it can be hard to remember to love ourselves. For this reason, you should keep Rose Quartz where you can see it, and it will act as a powerful visual reminder to nurture yourself. 

Additionally, if you’re feeling anxious or stressed, carry Rose Quartz in your pocket to keep you centered during tensioned situations. 


5. Lepidolite

Color: Purple

Chakra: Heart

Lepidolite is a stone of transition. It brings balance in stressful periods and can assist in the reorganization of old behavioral patterns. In fact, Lepidolite is the perfect stone to induce change.

When feeling stressed, Lepidolite brings deep emotional healing, and soothing. It can also help ease feelings of depression. This beautiful crystal dissipates negativity. On top of that, Lepidolite contains lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medication.


6. Shungite

Color: Black

Chakra: Root

Shungite can be used as a shield from electrical magnetic fields emitted by computers, phones, and other electronic devices. For this reason, Shungite is particularly useful in stressful environments. More importantly, Shungite can help you feel grounded. It’s a catalyst for growth, transformation, and positive change.

Shungite is also known to help dissipate negative energies and thoughts, promote mental clarity, and increase personal power. 


7. Sodalite

Color: Blue

Chakra: Third Eye

Often referred to as the stone of peace, Sodalite brings order and calmness to the mind. It encourages rational thought, objectivity, and can ease panic attacks. 

If you’ve been feeling anxious, keep Sodalite near you as it carries comforting energy that is helpful to bring emotional balance. 

Sodalite is also a great stone to enhance self-esteem and self-trust, so you can keep it in your pocket when you’re feeling nervous about sharing your ideas with others. 


8. Moonstone

Color: White

Chakra: Crown

Moostone has been known to harness divine feminine energy, making it a fantastic stone for fertility and pregnancy. But don’t be fooled by its beauty, Moonstone is also an incredibly powerful crystal to relieve stress, heighten intuition, and stabilize emotions. 

Moonstone can clear away anxiety, and if you’re feeling off-kilter, you can meditate with this beautiful stone to feel better.


9. Tiger’s Eye

Color: Brown

Chakra: Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus

Tiger’s Eye comes with plenty of emotional healing properties and helps the wearer stay strong and centered. 

A stone of protection, Tiger’s Eye has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, and helping us resolve problems. 

With its beautiful bands yellow-golden color, Tiger’s Eye is a grounding stone that can help anxious minds. Additionally, this crystal is useful for dispelling fear and stabilizing mood swings. 


10. Kyanite

Color: Blue

Chakra: Throat

Kyanite is an excellent stone for spiritual wellness. In fact, this stone does not retain negative vibrations or energy and is perfect for meditation. This powdery blue gem provides balance of yin-yang energy and has a calming effect on the whole being, bringing tranquility.

On top of that, Kyanite provides a stimulating energy, encouraging perseverance. This is a great stone for those feeling stressed and anxious because it also helps to release unwanted feelings such as fear, frustration, or anger. 


Bottom line

Even though crystals don’t replace good medical advice, they can definitely help you deal with your stress and anxiety. Whether you want to calm your mind, release your fear or dissipate negative energies, crystals can have a positive impact on your life. What is your favorite crystal for anxiety and stress relief? Let me know In the comments below!

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