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Crystal Advice

Orange Calcite vs Citrine: What Is The Difference? 

July 18, 2021
orange calcite vs citrine

Orange Calcite vs Citrine: What is the difference? Orange Calcite and Citrine are two beautiful yellow crystals that look very similar. Even though they can be confused based on looks, these two gemstones are very different. If you have one of these two crystals and can’t tell the differences between them, read on to discover what they are, their properties and how to tell them apart.  Note: Affiliate…

Crystal Advice

Purple Fluorite vs Amethyst: What Is The Difference?

July 17, 2021
purple fluorite vs amethyst

What is the difference between these two crystals: Purple Fluorite vs Amethyst? They are two beautiful purple crystals that look very similar. Even though Purple Fluorite and Amethyst can be confused based on appearance, these two gemstones are very different. If you have one of these two crystals and can’t tell the difference between them, read on to discover what they are, their properties and how to tell…

Crystal Advice

10 Sacred Crystals For Front Door Protection

July 12, 2021
crystals for front door protection

In feng shui, the main entrance to your home is how energy, people, and opportunities come into your house and your life. For this reason, it is important to protect the main door of your home to shield your house and its inhabitants from negative energies and unwanted visitors. If you’d like some extra protection around what or who you are allowing in, you can place crystals near…

Crystal Advice

What Crystals Cannot Be Cleansed In Water?

July 3, 2021
what crystals cannot be cleansed in water

Cleansing your crystals is essential to flush out the negative energies they have absorbed. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals, but one of the most popular methods is to use water. It is true that it’s an easy and effective way to cleanse your gemstones. However, I have ruined quite a few crystals this way because I didn’t know that some stones cannot get wet. Water…

Crystal Advice

The Best Etsy Shops To Buy Rose Quartz Online

June 9, 2021
etsy rose quartz

Rose Quartz, the stone of universal love, is one of the most popular gemstones of the mineral world. In fact, most crystal lovers start their collection with a  piece of Rose Quartz. Not only does it promote love, compassion, and empathy, but it is also the perfect crystal for self-love rituals. If you’re new to the crystal world, you might be worried about getting fake crystals when buying…

Crystal Advice

What Are The Side Effects Of Black Tourmaline? 

June 8, 2021
black tourmaline side effects

Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal, and often, a wonderful addition to any crystal’s collection. It’s a strong gemstone that activates and balances the lower chakras. However, some people might have negative reactions to this crystal. How does it happen? There are several reasons. First, it’s important to know that all stones emit vibrations, just like our body does. Sometimes these vibrations do not work together properly. Another…

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10 Best Crystal Shops On Etsy

May 23, 2021
best crystal shops etsy

You can find fantastic crystal shops online, offering everything from raw gemstones to spiritual tools. Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or simply looking for your next crystal treasure, I’m sure you’ll resonate with the amazing stores I recommend in this post. Etsy is my favorite place to buy crystals online. First, because it is quite easy to find genuine crystals at good prices, and also because…

Crystal Advice

10 Best Crystal Water Bottles For Healing

December 21, 2020
best crystal water bottles

If there’s one trend you should follow this year, it’s definitely crystal water bottles. Lastly, they’ve been popping up on social media and are becoming very popular, even among celebrities.  The best crystal water bottles come with natural crystals that infuse water with their healing energies to produce a crystal elixir. This water can provide many wellness benefits, both physical and mental. Read on to discover which are…

Crystal Advice

15 Best Crystal Subscription Boxes In 2021

September 24, 2020
best crystal subscription box

If you’re a crystal lover, getting a monthly crystal subscription box could be a perfect option for you. What’s best than receiving surprise crystals each month? Whether you want to tap into the healing vibrations of gemstones or center your mind with your intentions, crystal subscription boxes often pack in powerful crystals that could really help you on your path towards happiness. Read on to discover the 15…

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