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10 Best Crystal Shops On Etsy

May 23, 2021
best crystal shops etsy

You can find fantastic crystal shops online, offering everything from raw gemstones to spiritual tools. Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or simply looking for your next crystal treasure, I’m sure you’ll resonate with the amazing stores I recommend in this post. Etsy is my favorite place to buy crystals online. First, because it is quite easy to find genuine crystals at good prices, and also because I love supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. Read on to discover the 10 best crystal shops on Etsy that everyone should support. 

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through my affiliate link. Click here to read my full disclaimer. 

Tips for buying crystals on Etsy

Before you buy crystals online, on Etsy, or anywhere else, there are a few things you should know:

Dimensions: Make sure you check the dimensions of the crystals. In photographs, crystals often look much bigger than they really are. At least one of the pictures on the listing should have a coin, a ruler, or a person’s hand to allow you to see the crystal’s size. To be honest, the last thing you want is to get a crystal that looked huge on the pictures and turned out to be tiny.

Pictures: You want to make sure pictures are taken under natural light so that you can see the real color of the crystal and all its inclusions. Try to stay away from photoshopped pictures, otherwise, you’ll be disappointed when you receive the crystal. 

Reviews: I always read reviews before I purchase from a shop. In fact, it is for me something that can stop me from buying. Reviews often tell you a lot about the quality of the products, the customer service, and shipping times. However, I only recommend shops with thousands of 5-star reviews in this article, so you should have a pleasant shopping experience with them. 

Compare: If you’re looking for a specific crystal, I’d recommend comparing shops and prices before buying. You can find crystals for every budget on Etsy, so make sure you look around until you find the one that really appeals to you. 

Inventory purchase: One of the things you should know before you buy crystals online is that most of the time you do not receive the exact crystal that is in the pictures. For instance, some listings mention ‘I will intuitively choose a crystal for you’ in their description. It means that the seller will select a crystal from their inventory for you. The stone will most likely be very similar to the ones in the pictures, but you will not choose the exact stone. 

Charged and cleansed crystals: Some sellers mention that their crystals are cleansed and charged before they are shipped. Honestly, it doesn’t change anything if the stone is charged and cleansed or not before you get it. You shouldn’t pick a crystal just based on this criterion. The truth is, you will probably do this yourself as soon as you get it. 

Treated and fake crystals: Most shops will sell heat-treated and fake crystals. This is sad but true. Most of the time you’ll find that heat-treated Amethyst is sold as Citrine. Goldstone and Opalite are made of glass. In other words, before you buy crystals online, make sure you do some research on heat-treated crystals and ‘fake crystals’ so that you don’t get screwed. 

10 Best Crystal Shops On Etsy

If you have never purchased crystals online, I definitely recommend that you place your first order in one of the shops I recommend. I chose to mix big shops with thousands of sales and smaller ones so that you can choose what kind of businesses you’d rather support. I also made sure to include some black-owned businesses. Here are my top 10 favorite Etsy shops for buying crystals online: 

1. Spirit Nectar

Spirit Nectar is a very popular Etsy shop I discovered on Instagram. Owned by Martina, this beautiful shop offers a variety of raw crystals, but also beautiful handmade crystal jewelry.

If you’re looking for fair trade crystal specimens at affordable prices, you should definitely check out this Etsy shop. All the crystals offered in this shop are genuine, and $1 from every sale goes to a charity project

This shop also offers unique carvings such as crystal clouds, cats, moon stars, and even unicorns. Spirit Nectar is my favorite Etsy shop, and this is where I go when I want to add new crystals to my collection. 

2. New Moon Beginnings

Are you looking for amazing crystals at low prices? If so, check out New Moon Beginnings. Rose quartz, Rhodonite, Labradorite,  Amethyst, Hematite, and Fluorite are just some of the many different stones available.

This shop provides high-quality crystals at low prices. They also have a wide range of smudging kits and other spiritual tools. New Moon Beginnings is a fantastic shop for gifts for yourself or to your loved ones.

If you have any questions, you can contact the owner and she will happily help you choose the best product for you.

3. Pretty Spirits Co

Pretty Spirits Co is another fantastic black-owned crystal shop located in Los Angeles. This metaphysical shop is owned by Christine, an international psychic advisor, and Lauren, a reiki healer and yoga instructor. Together, these two beautiful souls created a wide range of goodies for healers.

In the shop, you’ll find crystals but also face rollers, tarot decks, manifestation guides, and more. This is the perfect shop for those who want to manifest their best life.

Don’t forget to check out the seven chakras white sage stick. Flowers petals are tied onto sage to present the color of each chakra. This product is one of the shop’s bestsellers.

4. World Incense Store

World Incense Store is definitely one of the biggest crystal shops on Etsy. They have over 420 000 sales and offer free shipping on all orders. The shop counts almost 1000 crystals, so I’m pretty sure you will find the crystal you are looking for on World Incense Store.

In this shop, you’ll find beautiful raw specimens at very affordable prices. If you prefer polished stones, you can check out the many different hearts, tumbled stones, palm stones, and other carvings.

Don’t miss the apothecary section of the shop. It offers different sets of sage smudge sticks, palo santo, and some candles.

5. Peach And Pixie

Peach and Pixie is definitely one of my favorites crystal shops on Etsy. In addition, this beautiful online store offers a wide variety of crystals both raw and polished. Whether you want points, heart, or moon-shaped gemstones, Peach And Pixie have what you need. 

The best thing about this shop is that the crystals are ethically sourced. This is one of the main reasons why I recommend this shop. 

Another great thing about this store is that it offers a unique selection of birthday boxes for each zodiac sign. The bundles include beautiful crystals, a cleansing selenite wand, and sustainably harvested sage.

6. Naturally Eu

Naturally Eu is a fabulous metaphysical shop on Etsy. With a big list of product offerings, Naturally Eu is a one-stop shop for all things spiritual. This shop is perfect for crystal lovers, but also for those who want to improve their life using spiritual tools.

The crystals proposed in this shop are most pendants, tumbles stones, crystal chips raw gemstones. Some of my favorite products include the mini manifestation kits for love, luck, happiness, and protection.

If you want to fill your house with good vibes and positivity, you’ll find the tools you need at Naturally Eu.

7. I Love Lotus

I Love Lotus is a big crystal healing shop located in Utah. This shop offers almost exclusively gemstones. Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind crystal gifts or just another specimen to add to your collection, I Love Lotus has got you covered. 

All the crystals in this shop are high quality and definitely natural. There are some pretty amazing specimens, such as Green Fluorite stones and chunky Amethyst points. 

This shop also offers free domestic shipping on all orders over $35, so don’t wait to get your next crystal treasure. 

Credit: I Love Lotus

8. Sacred Earth Stones

Sacred Earth Stone is another amazing black-owned crystal shop located in New York. The owner, Star, started her healing journey with yoga. She decided to dig deeper and discovered crystal healing. Now she makes one-of-a-kind jewelry with healing crystals and stones, all filled with positive intentions. 

Star sells jewelry, but also crystals. Whether you’re looking for pendulums, raw crystals, or tumbled stones, Sacred Earth Stones has everything you need. Additionally, the shop offers crystal sets for each chakra, and for intentions as well. 

The crystals offered in this shop are all individually chosen by Star. Most importantly, they are of very good quality, and the customer service is impeccable. 

9. Throwin Stones

Throwin Stones is a family-owned business based in North Carolina. They offer a beautiful variety of crystals from around the world. 

If you’re looking for authentic crystal specimens, this shop has just what you need. Throwin Stones has common minerals such as Labradorite or Rose Quartz in store, but they also offer less ordinary specimens such as Moldavite or Colombianite.

Another great benefit of Throwin Stones is that they have a wide range of cabochons for jewelry making. Also, if you’re looking for genuine Opal, I definitely recommend this shop. 

10. Spiritual Lotus Store

Spiritual Lotus Store is full of positive vibes and provides many different metaphysical products. Kendra, the shop owner, is an army veteran that decided to change her life for the better by focusing on the positive aspects of life. Her goal is to inspire and help those who are afraid to overcome what’s holding them back.

In Kendra’s shop, you will find beautiful crystal jewelry, meditation cloths, fair trade handbags, and crystals.

I recommend that you check out the spiritual gift sets, which all contain spiritual tools that focus on a specific intention.

Bottom line

I hope you’ll find your new earth treasures in the best crystal shops on Etsy I recommend in this post.  Whether you are new to crystals or not, you will definitely find one-of-a-kind products to attract good vibes into your life.  

If you want to support more crystal shops on Etsy, you can also check out my post on the best places to buy crystals online. 

Which crystal shop is your favorite on Etsy? Let me know in the comments below! 

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